Email Archiving

Robust, encrypted email archiving

Email is a company’s most common means of communication, and it needs to be stored safely in an easily retrievable fashion.

The SpamHitman email archiving solution takes a copy of every inbound and/or outbound message passing through the SpamHitman systems, encrypts, compresses and stores it safely in our cloud. Archiving your email on SMTP/MX-level helps ensure safe backups.

Helps Prevent Data Loss

  • Compressed storage of all inbound and outbound emails to help keep data usage and costs low
  • Robust encryption in transit using TLS encryption, and at rest using AES encryption, to help keep data secure

Helps drive compliance

  • Custom retention periods to give you control over meeting individual customer requirements
  • Quick search to assist authorities with audits, via content-based keyword search or attachment-based content search

Easy to Retrieve Data

  • Fast indexed search option for logs
  • Web-based email and attachment viewing


10GB storage space
TLS email encryption while in transit
Individual view and mass redelivery
Compressed storage to help keep data usage low
AES email encryption while in archive
Export archived messages for a given a time-frame; download archives for permanent storage or migration
Data mirroring and striping over multiple storage
Fast archive search through indexing and attachments search capability

and much more

10GB Email Archive

  • Addon for Incoming/Outgoing Spam Filtering
£9.99 + VATMonthly