Is your system redundant?

Yes. We will supply you with four MX records for full redundancy. Each MX record has multiple servers behind it.

Is there a demo of the SPAM filtering control panel?

Unfortunately not. However, as we offer a completely free no obligation trial feel free to sign up to try out the service and access the control panel.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and bank transfer.


How does your SPAM Filtering Gateway work?

To use our SPAM filtering service the MX records of your domain name will need to be set to MX records that we supply. You will also need to confirm the mail server that you would like us to deliver the emails to (although our system will automatically attempt to detect that from your current MX records). When an email is sent to you it will therefore be sent to our SPAM filtering service which will scan the email. If the email is thought to be SPAM it will be placed in the quarantine but if the email is legitimate it will be delivered to your mail server as normal.

How many domains can I protect?

Each instance of the service is to protect one main domain, for example yourdomain.com. However, if you have other domains that alias the main domain, i.e. yourdomain.co.uk, these can also be protected at no additional cost.

How accurate is your SPAM detection?

Whilst no SPAM protection can be 100% accurate our service has been found to be generally over 99.9% accurate with false positives being very rare.

Can I release emails from the quarantine?

Yes. You can release any quarantined email via the web interface.

Can individual users access their own quarantine?

Yes. You can configure individual access for users so they can view their own log, release emails from quarantine, etc.

What happens if our mail server is offline?

If your mail server is offline and cannot receive emails then we will hold your emails for up to 4 days. During this time our system will check to see if your server comes back online and if so will then deliver the emails that we are holding.